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10 Jan 2023

This is what happens if you crash a rental car without insurance

Getting in a car accident in a rental car usually isn’t much different from if you were in your own car, however there might be additional coverage through the rental company’s insurance or through your credit card. Navigating the costs

08 Dec 2022

Penalty for not removing snow and ice from your car

Is it illegal to drive with snow on your car? Yes, it is – and that’s actually been the case since 2018. Think about the last time you saw someone driving with giant chunks of ice or snow on their

Organizations Demand Change Amidst Record-High Fatal Truck Accidents

On May 17, 2022, the Truck Safety Coalition released a statement regarding “record-high 2021 NHTSA large truck projected fatalities,” in which they expressed extreme concern over the rising fatality rates in truck accidents. Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety

Construction Heat Safety

construction heat safety

  For construction workers, the intense summer heat can be a safety hazard. Overheating and fainting are already dangerous, but they are especially dangerous for workers operating dangerous machinery or tools. There are ways to stay safe on construction sites

Trucking Companies With the Most Accidents, 2020-2022

trucking companies with most accidents

The figures below may seem alarming, but they represent a small portion of the overall statistics associated with these trucking companies.  It’s important to understand that just because a trucking company has a high number of accidents, it doesn’t necessarily

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