If you are the injured party, an attorney will help you determine whether or not you have a strong claim. There are several factors that must be carefully considered in a legal framework, such as whether a person or business was liable or “at fault”, whether you have suffered “damages”, and whether the party who injured you as the ability to pay for your damages.

Your attorney may be able to collect money for you for lost time from work, medical bills, pain and suffering and other expenses associated with the injury. Many lawyers work on a contingent fee, meaning that if the attorney can recover money for damages, the legal fees are a percentage of the money awarded. No fee is due if no money is recovered.

Your attorney will ensure that all legal papers are filed before the applicable Statute of Limitations expires. Often, there are many different deadlines that you must meet if fling a claim. If you miss a deadline, meaning that the Statute of Limitation has expired, you may no longer file a claim to collect money from the accident.

If you are sued after an accident, an attorney will be able to analyze the circumstances in order to build your defense. Your attorney may be able to find a technical flaw in the claim against you and request a dismissal. Or your attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement so you can avoid a lengthy or costly trial. If your case goes to trial, your attorney will protect your rights and seek the best possible verdict.

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