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Take a Look Behind the Heated Rhetoric

Take a Look Behind the Heated Rhetoric

Too often we are misled by the headlines or slanted perspectives in the debate over injury claims and the state of our legal system.  Many times political decisions to limit the rights of injured persons are made too hastily in response to misinformation.  The infamous “McDonald’s Coffee Lady” is a good example.  For years, the media and interest groups have been convincing us this case can only be viewed  with shock and disappointment in how the jury system failed.   It has been a rallying cry for those who wish to limit access to the Courts for injured citizens.  For more than a decade, it has been touted as the inexcusable mistake made by an “out of control” jury system.   However, there is an untold truth behind the story: one of gross negligence, carelessness and indifference by a corporation that led to an innocent woman’s horrific injuries.  Please follow the link for information on a film that tells the full story.  You will be shocked and amazed at how well information about that case was controlled and manipulated through the years to sell a particular point of view.

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