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Trucking Companies With the Most Accidents, 2020-2022

Trucking Companies With the Most Accidents, 2020-2022

trucking companies with most accidents

The figures below may seem alarming, but they represent a small portion of the overall statistics associated with these trucking companies. 

It’s important to understand that just because a trucking company has a high number of accidents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re dangerous or unreliable.

Many other factors go into determining a company’s overall safety, and the number of accidents is just a small portion. We simply present these figures so you can understand one of the greatest issues facing the U.S. trucking industry.

Keep reading to learn more about the trucking companies with the greatest number of accidents. Then, call (631) 543-7070 to speak with a Long Island truck accident lawyer at Carner & DeVita.

The Big Three: Trucking Companies with the Most Accidents

These numbers present the number of fatal accidents, those involving injuries, and those involving property damage alone.

When you experience property damage alone,  if you have collision coverage, your insurance company will often pay for your repairs then pursue the trucking company for reimbursement.

When you have been injured, your costs can be significant, and the insurance company makes a greater profit by paying you less.

It’s important to file an accurate and complete claim that fully accounts for your damages to ensure that you recover what you are entitled to for your injuries. 

A truck accident attorney helps to accurately measure these damages and handles every step of the process from claim through compensation for you.

Swift Transportation (April 2020 – April 2022)

  • 1,131 total accidents
    • 28 fatal
    • 300 injury
    • 803 towed

Werner Enterprises (April 2020 – April 2022)

  • 930 total
    • 17 fatal
    • 277 injury
    • 636 towed

Schneider National

  • 801 total
    • 19 fatal
    • 240 injury
    • 542 towed

How to Check a Trucking Company’s Safety History

When you are injured in a truck accident, there are various ways to collect information to determine the level of safety and responsibility that the trucking company might have.

Through the Safer Program, the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System program run by the U.S. Department of Transportation, you can access the safety records and ratings, crash information, and other data about companies that have DOT Numbers, an MC/MX Number, or with their company name.

Collecting evidence and related data in relation to your truck accident can be a difficult, complex, and lengthy process. The benefit of working with a truck accident attorney on your case is to not only take the stress of communications and negotiations out of your day-to-day life but also to collect evidence in support of your case.

You can only collect damages that you can prove with evidence. Your experienced truck accident lawyer from Carner & Devita knows how to collect the evidence you need to secure the full damages to which you are entitled.

Take Statistics with a Grain of Salt

Each year in the United States, large trucks and buses are responsible for hundreds of thousands of accidents. Large truck and bus accidents in 2019 were the cause of 121,000 accidents involving injuries, 5,237 accidents involving fatalities, and 404,000 accidents involving property damage alone.

These are national statistics, and the number of accidents experienced by each trucking company will vary depending upon the number of states and the number of trucks they operate. 

It is important to recognize that statistics are helpful figures, but the unique facts and circumstances of your truck accident, and the extent of your injuries, will determine what compensation you may receive.

The overall safety records of a company concerns their overall operating statistics, as well as the record of safety violations they might have had in the past. 

Your truck accident attorney will explore the safety history of the trucking company responsible for your accident. They’ll also explore other sources of information that might reveal an ongoing practice of unsafe procedures that might have contributed to your accident.  

Injured in a truck accident? We’re here to help.

If you have been in a truck accident caused by someone or something else, you could be entitled to compensation for your damages. 

Your damages include not only your short-term medical bills and lost wages, but also your long-term medical costs like treatment, medication, or rehabilitation, as well as any negative impact your injuries might have upon your ability to earn and support your family.

Accurately calculating your damages and supporting them with evidence begins the process, then you must file your claim with the insurance company. Insurance companies employ full-time teams of claim analysts and attorneys to deny as many claims as possible and pay as little as they can on those claims. 

Going against the insurance company on your own can lead to you accepting a lower settlement amount than you are entitled to, leaving you and your family to cover the costs.

For a risk-free, cost-free consultation from an experienced and dedicated Long Island car accident lawyer from Carner & DeVita, call us at (631) 543-7070.

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