Long Island and the entire U.S. depends on heavy trucks to keep our economy going. Unfortunately, the use of tractor trailers and other heavy commercial vehicles can put everyone on the road at risk. When one of these gigantic vehicles causes a truck accident, major injuries and even deaths can occur. Those affected by a truck accident have the legal right to file a personal injury claim against any potentially negligent parties. Since a claim could involve multiple parties. The truck driver, their employer, the company that contracted them, the company responsible for maintaining their vehicle, and a host of other parties could potentially be held liable. You deserve the best legal guidance to help you build a strong case — or cases — that can give you the maximum chances of obtaining the compensation you need to recover after your tractor trailer crash. Your injury claim could provide money for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses that resulted from your crash injury.Carner & DeVita has represented semi truck injury victims for over 60 years, helping them seek the financial recovery they need. We want to be there every step of the way during your injury claim, providing advice, negotiating with insurers, and potentially taking your case to court if required. Schedule a free consultation with an Islip truck accident lawyer today when you call 631-543-7070 or contact us online.

A Truck Accident Lawyer in Islip Can Help You Pursue the Full Value of Your Injury Claim

After you have been in a tractor trailer accident, third-party liability insurers may reach out to you to assist you with filing your claim. While these insurance employees may seem courteous and perhaps even friendly, you should always remember that they do not hold your best interests at heart. Instead, they want to make a profit. That requires paying out the minimum claim possible. Some insurers may even dispute whether their policy holder was liable for your accident. They may allege that no one is truly at fault or that you contributed to the accident. They may also argue about the costs of treating your injury, such as saying that a pre-existing condition caused your treatment to be more expensive or that not every treatment you used was reasonable and necessary to your medical recovery. In these situations, having a truck accident lawyer represent you can be invaluable. Your attorney can advise you against common mistakes, such as accepting an unfair initial settlement offer or agreeing to make statements to insurers that could be used against your claim. Your attorney will be familiar with the common procedures insurers use to decide how they pay out for a given claim. With your lawyer’s assistance, you can provide the evidence and legal arguments needed to give your claim a high chance of approval for all of your assessed damages. They will help you document your overall costs, including helping estimate the long-term costs of treatment and other losses you experienced as a result of your truck accident. In the event that no agreement can be reached, your attorney will advise you as to your best course of action, including the possibility of filing a lawsuit against one or more negligent parties.

Find an Islip Truck Accident Attorney Who Cares about Your Case

At Carner & DeVita, we have seen first-hand just how disruptive a major truck accident can be to your life. We aim to provide not just legal advice but genuine guidance through every step of the process. Our Islip truck accident attorneys always take care to listen to your needs and provide personalized advice as to your best options. You can speak with a tractor trailer accident lawyer in Islip for free when you contact us online or call 631-543-7070 to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation case review.

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