When you are injured by a slip, trip, or fall, your injuries can worsen unexpectedly. You may have difficulty recovering from your injuries, which can haunt you for years following the accident. Unfortunately, you may not have the tools to identify the cause of your accident so that you can hold the responsible party liable for your injuries.

Fortunately, your Suffolk County slip-and-fall attorney has the resources and experience to hold the at-fault party accountable for your suffering. We educate you on the most common cause of slips, trips, and falls and determine whether it played a part in your accident. We are prepared to guide you through your case from initial consultation to final decision.

Uneven, wet surfaces

The most common cause of slips, trips, and falls is a slippery floor in a store or other business. For example, if someone spills juice on the floor of a grocery store and the employees fail to clean it up, you may find yourself slipping, falling, and getting injured from their negligence.

An essential element of these accidents is that the property owner or staff also failed to warn you about the dangers. For example, if a store employee did not place a “wet floor” sign near the spill, they may still be liable for your injuries. However, if you were verbally or visibly warned, you may not have grounds for a lawsuit.

Improper training on the job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips, and falls were among the most common workplace injuries in 2021 and 2022 across all occupation fields, including construction sites. These injuries can leave you unable to work for some time following the incident. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur due to negligence in workplace safety standards, so talk to us if you believe you have grounds for a personal injury claim for your workplace accident.

Nursing home neglect

Many residents in nursing homes have unsteady balance and require mobility aids. If the staff members do not take precautions to prevent accidents, patients could slip, trip, and fall. When nursing home staff in many of these facilities are neglectful or abusive towards their patients, they could be held liable for the resulting injuries, illnesses, or deaths.

For example, the nursing home staff may have ignored the needs of a patient who cannot walk without aid. That patient may have tried to leave their room, only to fall and seriously injure themselves.

Unsecured electrical cords or faulty flooring

When electricity is needed in one area but no convenient outlets, power may need to be run from one side of a room or building to the other. However, if this is a walkway, the wires should be covered or taped down to prevent tripping. Unfortunately, not every venue or business is careful.

If there are no warnings, protective tape, or rugs to prevent tripping, a serious fall can occur, leading to severe injuries. If these wires are not safely secured, you can face broken bones, strains, sprains, or even concussions.

Similarly, frayed, broken, or uneven flooring can cause people to trip and fall. Rugs that are not secured can slip and lead to an accident.

Your slip-and-fall accident lawyer can pinpoint the answers you need

When a slip-and-fall accident occurs, gathering the information needed for your case can be difficult. You may be unsure where to turn or how you can be compensated for your suffering. Fortunately, you do not have to seek answers alone. We can investigate exactly how your accident happened and who may be responsible for the aftermath.

At Carner & DeVita, we are dedicated to helping you identify common causes of slips, trips, and falls for your recovery. We also offer free consultations, giving you the answers you need to make the right decisions for your future. When you are ready to discuss your claim with an attorney, do not hesitate to reach out by calling (631) 543-7070 or filling out our online contact form.