If you’ve suffered an injury, you’re obviously going through a painful and stressful situation. If you’re worried that you can’t afford an attorney to help you get the compensation you know you deserve, you have more options than you probably realize.

A skilled attorney with Carner & DeVita will work to obtain the compensation you deserve, and we’ll do so without you spending a dime upfront or out of your pocket. We’d like to tell you more about how we may be able to help. You can contact us online or call (631) 543-7070 for a free case evaluation.

Carner & DeVita can represent you on a contingency fee basis

You want the best representation possible so that you have the best chance of obtaining the money you deserve. At Carner & DeVita, we offer services for personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis. This simply means that our payment will be reliant on you winning your case. If we don’t win, you won’t pay anything.

If we do win, we will receive a percentage of the money you receive through either a settlement or a jury award. This percentage is detailed in the attorney-client agreement you’ll enter at the beginning of representation.

We will advance the costs associated with your representation, including the accident investigation, the costs of obtaining records, and all other expenses.  If there is a recovery for you, those expenses will be reimbursed from those funds.  If there is no recovery, you will not owe anything toward fees or expenses.   While you focus on your physical recovery, we’ll focus on your financial recovery.

Resources to help you find the right attorney for you

At Carner & DeVIta, we truly believe your best option is to turn to us. You have nothing to lose by doing so, and you’ll be able to benefit from our skill and extensive experience in cases similar to yours. If you would like to look at other options while you’re deciding on the attorney who’s a right fit for you, here are some resources to help you.

  • New York State Bar Association – The NYSBA provides a legal referral service to help you find an attorney closest to you based on the services you need.
  • Nassau County Bar Association – The NCBA can help you find a lawyer within your budget who services Long Island.
  • Nassau Suffolk Law Services – Nassau Suffolk Law Services is devoted to fighting poverty and has focused on cases dealing with the survival needs of people with low incomes, involving healthcare, food, shelter, and family issues. Although they don’t handle personal injury matters, they can provide you with helpful resources in other areas.

How to find a reliable, effective lawyer you can afford

One of the best ways to find a lawyer is to ask friends and family members for referrals. If you know anyone who was hurt in an accident and took legal action, ask them what their experience was with their attorney.

Find out everything you can about the quality of representation they received. If someone whose opinion you respect recommends an attorney, there’s a good chance that the lawyer will do a good job for you.

If you don’t know anyone who recently needed legal help, look online to see what others are saying about the attorneys you’re considering. Online reviews can be great sources of information, giving you a good feel for what to expect.

Speak with Carner & DeVita to learn more

At Carner & DeVita, we truly believe you won’t find an attorney who will provide more passionate, effective representation. Schedule a free consultation by using our online contact form or calling (631) 543-7070.