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most dangerous roads in suffolk county

The worst of the worst

In 2020, Suffolk County had the less-than-ideal distinction of being the most dangerous place in the state of New York to drive a motor vehicle. Not only did it have the highest number of accidents (32,154), but it also had the most fatalities (113).

Tragedies on main roads

The most dangerous roads in Suffolk County are Route 25 and Route 27. But there are others that are nearly as bad. The following is a look at some of the statistics that show just how risky it can be to drive on them. These tragedies occurred between 2016-2020.

  • Route 25 – 62 deaths, including four bicyclists and 18 pedestrians
  • Route 27 – 61 deaths, including three bicyclists and 22 pedestrians
  • Route 25A – 26 deaths, including one cyclist and five pedestrians
  • Route 80 – 20 deaths, including one cyclist and two pedestrians
  • Route 24 – 19 deaths, including two cyclists and eight pedestrians

According to an article in the New York Times, experts believe that many Suffolk County roads simply weren’t designed to accommodate the traffic volume.

The article also mentions that Suffolk County alternates between open areas and densely populated urban areas. People are used to driving fast through rural areas, and they tend to keep doing it when they encounter congestion. This, of course, is a recipe for trouble.

How New York State compares

In New York State as a whole, there were 756 fatal accidents attributed to speeding between 2017-2019. This number was 28% of the 2,725 deadly accidents that occurred during that time. There were 549 drunk driving fatal accidents (20%). Distracted driving was a factor in 360 deadly crashes (13%).

What’s being done to make Suffolk County’s most dangerous roads safer?

In October 2021, Governor Kathy Hocul announced that she set aside $80 million to replace nearly 300 lane miles of the Long Island Expressway, to make it safer for the hundreds of thousands of people to commute from Long Island and New York City on the highway.

Work also started on a $1.2 million project to make the area between Nicolls Road and eastbound Route 25A safer. The project, which began in 2022, was designed to ease congestion and reduce the risk of collisions among drivers trying to make turns. Planned improvements include the installation of curbs and guide rails, street resurfacing, and pavement restriping, among others.

In 2021, Suffolk also became the first county in the state to enforce a law making it illegal to drive any closer than three feet from a bicyclist. Violators will have to pay $225 for their first offense, and as much as $425 for repeat offenses.

What about the future?

On Oct. 19, 2022, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer called upon the Federal Highway Administration to perform a Road Safety Audit to assess road conditions in Long Island, specifically Routes 25 and 27. An audit highlights areas of concern and also explores opportunities to either eliminate those safety issues completely or reduce their impact.

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