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After years of resistance from cab drivers and other interested parties in the city, rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft were finally granted permission to operate in the five boroughs. Ridesharing makes it easy to get around the city without having to hail a cab — which can be a lifesaver late at night.

However, unlike cab drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers aren’t required to demonstrate their driving skills before they’re allowed to operate. As such, wrecks are all too common. If you have been in an Uber or Lyft accident, getting the compensation you deserve can be incredibly difficult. That’s why you need to work with an experienced Long Island rideshare accident lawyer if you’re in this type of collision.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Rideshare Accident in New York?

In a rideshare accident in which you are the rideshare passenger, you will virtually never be held at fault personally (unless you directly interfere with the driver).Instead, either the rideshare driver or the other driver(s) in the accident will be held at fault. If your Uber or Lyft driver is at fault, the rideshare programs have insurance policies that will pay up to $1.25 million for your injuries after the other driver’s insurance policy has been effected.

If you are a rideshare driver and are in a wreck caused by another driver, Uber and Lyft have specific policies that dictate how much they will pay you in compensation.
If you have a rider in your car, the $1.25 million policy generally applies. If you are logged into the app and awaiting riders, there are lower policy limits ($75,000 of bodily injury coverage per person, $150,000 total bodily injury coverage per accident, and $25,000 of property damage coverage).

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver but you aren’t actively working through the app at the time of the wreck, your own insurance policy will kick in. This includes your no-fault insurance policy. It’s important to note that you will likely need to inform your insurance company that you drive for a ridesharing company. Otherwise, they may deny any claim you bring and/or drop your coverage.

If you are driving your vehicle and are in an accident caused by an Uber or Lyft driver who is not active within the app at the time, their personal insurance policy should cover the wreck. However, if the rideshare driver is active within the app, the insurance policy of the company they’re driving for should cover you.

Why You Need a Long Island Rideshare Accident Lawyer

While this may seem straightforward enough, the truth is that ridesharing companies and their insurers will do everything they can to avoid paying out compensation. They may argue that the driver wasn’t actually active within the app at the time, or they may offer an insultingly low offer of compensation.

If you do receive any kind of settlement offer, don’t accept it before speaking with a Long Island rideshare accident attorney! At Carner & DeVita, we can evaluate your case and the offer you received to determine if it’s fair, or if we may be able to get greater compensation on your behalf.

If you’ve been in a rideshare accident in Long Island or the rest of New York, we can help. Give us a call today at (631) 543-7070 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.



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