Truck accidents can be catastrophic due to the sheer force of the collision. When you are involved in such an accident, you stand a high chance of suffering a serious and debilitating injury. You are better able to avoid these types of accidents when you know what causes them.

People who are hurt in truck accidents are considered personal injury victims. These victims have a right to file for compensatory and punitive damages in court. Knowing exactly what your case may be worth is best discussed with an experienced attorney. 

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While you are considering your legal options, let’s take a closer look at what may cause a truck accident in New York.

Causation Study Provides Answers

Several years ago, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducted what they called The Large Truck Crash Causation Study. The discoveries in the study continue to be relevant. 

According to this study, factors involved in truck accidents take place weeks or months before the wreck. These factors typically center around the truck driver and vehicle. Details such as driver training and vehicle manufacture may take place long before an accident occurs.

In other instances, contributing factors occur in the moments before an accident. These factors may include sudden changes in the weather, inattention behind the wheel, or a tire blowout. In reality, while the cause of an accident is important, the outcome is often the same – catastrophic injury suffered by the victim.

Truck Drivers May Be the Reason

In some Long Island truck accidents, the driver of the truck is the causing factor or “critical reason.” For example, a truck driver may disobey the rules of the road and cross the center line, heading right for an oncoming vehicle.

A truck driver may focus their attention on something in their cab rather than keeping their eyes focused on the road. They may forget to look in their side mirror before they switch lanes. They may think they are able to stay awake when they are not, falling asleep behind the wheel. 

In some cases, driver errors are caused by a lack of training, hiring mistakes, or unreasonable pressure on the part of their employer or contract awarder. Injury victims can seek compensation directly from employers or contract awarders who have been shown to negligently violate laws, such as by explicitly encouraging drivers to violate hours of service rules through the use of unreasonable time constraints.

The Big Rig Could Be the Reason

When we get behind the wheel, we do so with the assumption that it was manufactured properly. We rarely stop to consider that our vehicles may have been put together with a failing component. 

In some truck accidents, the truck itself is the cause of the wreck. Brakes may fail or a necessary component may fall away. In some instances, a lack of routine maintenance is the cause of component failure rather than the way the vehicle was manufactured.

The Environment Could Be To Blame

If you’ve lived in New York for any length of time, you understand just how quickly the weather can change and how dramatic our winters can be. No amount of driver training can prepare someone for the unexpected. Mother Nature can definitely deal out surprises, especially during winter.

While the weather doesn’t account for the majority of truck accidents, it accounts for enough. Be vigilant when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Snow and ice on the roads can lead to disastrous accidents, but so can standing water left behind by a strong summer storm.

Vehicle Drivers Contribute to Some Crashes

Fault is not always found with the truck driver or their rig in Long Island truck accidents. Vehicle drivers can be the causing factor. What do drivers do wrong? Each accident is unique, but some behaviors are most common:

  • Falling asleep
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Driving while ill

It’s important to remember that no two truck accidents are the same. If you have sustained an injury in such a wreck, protect your rights. Filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way you can retrieve the compensation you deserve.

You Need a Long Island Truck Accident Attorney

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